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Corporate profile

Technomics, Inc.
1-16-10 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031
Executive officers
President: Yohei Otsuka   Advisor: Kenichiro Otsuka
¥16 million
Main banks
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Nihonbashi branch
MUFG Bank, Yaesudori branch
Mizuho Bank, Kyobashi branch
Manufacturers Bank, central branch (Los Angeles, USA)
SMBC Banking Corporation Europe, central branch (London, UK)
Affiliated members
Japan Publishers Copyright Organization (JCOPY) (copyright management and commission)
Japan Association of International Publications
Exclusive sales agents
Blausen Medical Communications, Inc.( Houston,USA)
Merative US L.P. (Michigan, USA), Inc. (Michigan, USA)


April 1978
Technomic Information Service, Inc. established in Ningyocho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo with capital of ¥3 million.
January 1979
Becomes exclusive sales agent in Japan of Micromedex, Inc.
August 1981
Increases capital to ¥4 million.
December 1981
Publishes first English version of "Registered Japanese pharmaceutical companies."
November 1982
Publishes "Asu-no-Shinyaku" (new drug information database).
May 1983
Publishes English version of "Asu-no-Shinyaku (Pharmcast)."
October 1983
Publishes #Asu-no-Shinyaku floppy disk version," the first digital journal in Japan.
May 1986
Starts "Asu-no-Shinyaku/PHARMCAST" online service (Source: Japan Information Processing Service Co., Ltd.).
January 1987
Starts providing CCIS of Micromedex, Inc. on CD-ROM.
April 1991
Becomes exclusive agent in Japan of Current Patents Ltd. (currently Thomson Scientific).
June 1992
Increases capital to ¥10 million.
January 1993
Changes company name to Technomics, Inc.
Starts providing "PHARMCAST DATA," a chemical structural formula readable database.
April 1994
Becomes exclusive sales agent in Japan of Ashley Publications Ltd. (currently Informa Healthcare).
November 1994
Publishes the first editions of "list of new drug development processes" and "Stage chart of new drug development"
as supplementary attachments for "Asu-no-Shinyaku."
July 1997
Starts service for "Asu-no-Shinyaku e-InfoStream version" (Provider: Japan Information Processing Service Co., Ltd.).
August 1998
Starts publishing business for independent books.
January 1999
Publishes "Asu-no-Shinyaku CD-ROM version."
February 2000
Publishes "Applied Therapeutics Volume 1" (5-volume series completed in January 2002).
January 2003
Starts providing Asu-no-Shinyaku on IDdb.
July 2003
Transfers head office to current location.
February 2005
Absorbs Science Press Co., Ltd. and makes it into Science Press Division (currently SP Division).
New capital of ¥16 million.
January 2006
Starts publishing "Asu-no-Shinyaku Web version."
August 2006
Transfers SP Division to current location.
October 2008
Releases revised "Asu-no-Shinyaku Web version."
January 2009
Starts sales for pay-as-you-go service for "Asu-no-Shinyaku Web version."
April 2010
Starts sale of "Biotoday" comprehensive news site for bio-related information.
May 2023
SP Division transferred to Sagano Co.

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